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Makes an ALERTPAY Account without Credit Card

Makes an ALERTPAY Account without Credit Card

Several weeks , I got a business offer that rely on Internet connections to access particular websites. However, there is difficulty that sometimes discouraged me to register on the website, that is a request of virtual bank account for payment of funds or our salary. Some virtual banks ask for credit card verification  or ‘debt’ to borrow a virtual bank account. After finding out, I finally get an easy way to register a virtual bank account without having to verify credit card like applied in PayPal account or owe on a local bank. Virtual bank account that I mean is Alertpay. You dont need to worry to ‘open account’ because Alertpay had already acknowledged  its existence to a virtual business transactions.

Here the steps :

  1. Please access to www.alertpay.com, and you will see like the picture below :
  2. Go sign up, register your email address and password for Alertpay account.
  3. After login, choose your country. For account type, please check  ‘Personal Starter’. Next, please click ‘Next Step’.
  4. Next step, please fill your complete data that asked. For 2nd address (Address Line 2), profile can be blanked. Then, click ‘Next Step’.
  5. On the next step, please fill it with your email info and also complete the security question. Dont forget to check ‘User Agreement’, then click ‘Final Step’.
  6. Congratulation, your account is ready to be executed. Please check your email untuk confirm the link.
  7. Please click the link like shown below (No.11) that will redirecting you to your Alertpay account for validation process.
  8. On Alertpay page, please choose ‘Overview’ then ‘Become verified’.
  9. To verify your account, there are 3 options, please choose option C (Phone Validation).
  10. Make sure that you have submitted right number and your cell phone is in ON mode, then click ‘Send Validation Code’.
  11. Please enter the code that you accept through your cell phonethen click ‘Send’.  After this step, validation ‘completed’ will appear on your screen.
  12. Now, let’s verify your local bank account. Please click ‘Profile’ then ‘Bank Accounts’.
  13. Please fill your data completely. (‘Bank Phone Number’ and ‘Bank Contact Name’ field can be blanked).
  14. Bank Code, Branch Code, and SWIFT BIC can be found in Alertpay‘sT.O.S
  15. The process is finish na dyour account are ready to be used . If you find that you have entered wrong or unclear data and wish to change it, just change it on ‘Update Personal Info’ tab.

Good luck and GOD bless 🙂


One response

  1. Gbenga Daniel

    Hi, this is a great material, it’s really helpful. thanks so much. But in alternative, do you have information of any AlertPay merchant one could pay into his bank account and help get ones AlertPay account credited with expected amount. I will appreciate your response. regards

    October 22, 2011 at 4:13 am

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